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Sud Polaire Antarctic Dry Gin

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'Nav Singh and Louise Radman, the winemakers behind Tasmania's prestigious and elegant Domaine Simha, put their minds together to create a signature, one of a kind gin. As with their wines, they have aimed to capture a sense of place in this spirit, and indeed it does have a cooling, glacial feel to it. Using triple distilled wine spirit as a neutral base, the botanics are then vapour infused. There are ten in total, with some of the more unique ones being Southern Ocean Seaweed, Tasmanian Mountain Pepper and leaves. It is rich, smooth, balanced and stunningly beautiful. The alcohol is completely integrated, making this a gin which is great to sip on ice, and almost too good to mix - try a G+T garnished with lemon, juniper and lashings of rosemary!' - AWC

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