Setiono Flaxman Syrah 2022


Small production, Barossa Valley, Single Vineyard Rhone style Syrah.

The AWC is always on the hunt for the best of what is new and exciting in the Australian wine world.  We cover a lot of ground and taste a lot of wine in our search to bring our customers the best.  Sometimes, however, the new and exciting finds us.  Such was the case with Setiono.  Winemaker Samantha Chandra dropped us an email recently and we liked what we heard.  A sample bottle arrived and was given a good amount of time with the AWC team at the tasting barrel.

Silent contemplation and subsequent re tasting led to quiet smiles and eventually enthusiastic sharing of impressions from the team around the barrel.  There was unanimous love and appreciation for this wine .  A wine such as the Setiono Flaxman Syrah is the very reason we love what we do. The combination of high altitude meticulous grower site, and minimal intervention winemakeing, delivers a Syrah of elegant complex flavour and intrest. Highly Recommended.

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