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Songs From Mars Mixed Pack

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Songs from Mars is a project from California based winemakers, Forlorn Hope. These are great natural wines, with purity of varietal and masses of drinkability. These are highly recommended and super rare!

Songs From Mars ‘The Shoe’ Nero d’Avola 2019 – ‘Ripe, fragrant berry fruitiness to sniff on. Lots of it. Almost summer pudding kinda vibe. Sloshes in the palate with sweet berry fruitiness too. Lush, soft, fruity-fresh and, wow, the acidity held in this wine is ballistic, and the finish is incredibly tart. Fun wine this. Lots of joy here. 91 points.’ Mike Bennie, The Wine Front

Songs From Mars ‘Kurocks’ Grenache 2019 – ‘Hazy garnet colour. Has that cola and sarsaparilla thing going on. Mixed spice, earthy notes, sour cherry vim and vigour, powdery web of superb tannins, exceptional length of flavour, ribbons of flavour and texture extending long and far. Has that almost unfiltered pinosity thing going on. Absolutely fantastic. 96 points.’ Mike Bennie, The Wine Front

Songs From Mars ‘Ramato’ Pinot Gris 2019 – ‘Light garnet colour. Peppery whiffs over sour cherry with light strawberry notes and a whiff of rose water. Glossy textured, quite lush in a way, but fine tannin, tactile spice and crunchy acidity does the trick. Has flesh and great texture, freshness and general sense of excitement. Whoowee, a live one! Like this. Deeeeeelicious. 93 points.’ Mike Bennie, The Wine Front

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